some valentine’s day celebrating

Valentine’s Day–what a great day!
I love that there is an entire day devoted to love.

Truth be told, I also love that this day includes
all things chocolate, all shades of red, and every possible use of a heart.

I think that this day is so great that  I decided to host a
Pre-Valentine’s Day Ladies’ Night-In
this past Friday –you know to gear up.

First of all,

Well some of them that is.
If you met them in person they kindly would say ‘hello’ back because they’re stellar.
For now, you’ll have to take my word for it.

It was a fabulous night.

…as you can see.

I mean, it involved these things

so really how could we really go wrong?

My boyfriend told his guy friends about the party and they also thought it was perfect.
“Finally! Let all the girls get together and celebrate Valentine’s Day for themselves.” Phooey. Phooey on you gentlemen. Why dont you also like chocolate, pink and hearts?!!?

 Regardless, in addition to nail polish, card-making and constant chatter, here was the spread we enjoyed: 

The Menu

Martinis made to order

Chocolate (of course) | Lavender | Cocchi |Pomegranate
(If you don’t know what Cocchi Americano is, trust me you want to.
I think the Pomegranate was the most popular, but my personal fav was the Lavender Martini.
Email me if you want the recipes.)  

The Trio of Cheeses

Blueberry vanilla goat cheese w  Lemon Thins
Brie Log w Rosemary Raisin Crackers
Chocolate cheddar w Sesame Melba Rounds
(All I have to say is ‘thank you Trader Joes’.  And our take on the chocolate cheddar was ‘ehh. Not bad…and not necessarily good)

Crostini w fig spread & manchego, topped w fresh sage

Bacon wrapped figs w goat brie & balsamic reduction

recipe here
I used dried instead of fresh figs. Still turned out great

Chocolate covered strawberries


Chocolate chocolate chocolate & more chocolate

the all-time winner of the evening:


Yep that’s right.
Orea cookie crust, penut butter creamcheese filling, topped with dark chocolate ganache.

Recipe here. Make this.  You’ll thank me.

So here’s to St. Valentine (whoever the heck that was), ladies
hours of constant chatter, and of course your friend and mine: Sir Chocolate.

It was swell and I do feel like St. Valentine would be proud.

Hope your day was swell. And that you ate chocolate.

(As a side note, next year when I have this party I will make sure to not have signed up for an all day CrossFit competition.  That was not the best life choice right there)

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